The Ukedelics

Nashville's Biggest Ukulele Band!

Forget what you think you know about the ukulele. 
This little instrument can really swing!
The Ukedaelic's set includes uked-up versions of a wide range of musical genres: jazz, blues, pop, rock and country. 

(don't worry, we play a few Hawaiian songs, too.)

Ukedelics Lapel Pin


Ukedelics Lapel Pin


Show your ukulele pride with The Ukedelics Pin!

Check it out: it's our beloved logo immortalized in shiny metal! And you can get one for yourself (or the little Ukedelic in your life). It looks great on a lapel or as a snazzy hat band accessory.

The pin is approximately 1.75" x .75". We're selling them for just $5 plus shipping.

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