The Ukedelics

Nashville's Biggest Ukulele Band!

Forget what you think you know about the ukulele. 
This little instrument can really swing!
The Ukedaelic's set includes uked-up versions of a wide range of musical genres: jazz, blues, pop, rock and country. 

(don't worry, we play a few Hawaiian songs, too.)

Input Function Mic/DI
1 Ukulele (close mic) SM57
2 Vocal SM58
3 Ukulele (close mic) SM57
4 Vocal SM58
5 Ukulele (close mic) SM57
6 Vocal SM58
7 Snare/Cymbal CAD TSM411 SuperCardioid Dynamic
8 Vocal SM58
9 Tub Bass CAD TSM411 SuperCardioid Dynamic
10 Bass DI Splits PA and Bass Amp