The Ukedelics

Nashville's Biggest Ukulele Band!

Forget what you think you know about the ukulele. 
This little instrument can really swing!
The Ukedaelic's set includes uked-up versions of a wide range of musical genres: jazz, blues, pop, rock and country. 

(don't worry, we play a few Hawaiian songs, too.)

Press Release


Meet “The Ukedelics”  - Nashville’s most notorious band of ukelele maestros and multi-instrumentalists.  They play (and play around with) America’s songbook – country, swing, rock, TV theme songs and novelty sing-a-long extravaganzas.  All spiced with a peppering of their own fine originals.


Planning a luau or beach party themed event?  According to Artistic Director Todd Elgin, “We’ve played a quintillion of ‘em and loved every one.  Mother’s Day – Father’s Day – Patriotic Holidays, even Saint Paddy’s Day.  If you’ve got a reason, or have lost reason altogether, we’ll swing it!”


They’ve graced Music City stages from Vanderbilt University to the Music City Convention Center to the Franklin Theatre.  Nightclubs, honky tonks, street fairs, festivals, and on every flat surface in between.  They’ve even shared the bill with some of Nashville’s most noted music talents, including world-renowned ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro! 


“Destination Uketopia”, their third studio album, joins a catalog of original compositions which have been featured at Nashville’s famed songwriter meccas and broadcast on radio and television – most notably Nashville’s own “Words and Music”.


Audiences always find themselves snapping and singing along to the infectious and habit-forming fun of “The Ukedelics” – Nashville’s most original party band.